Lego Ninjago Season 3 Rebooted

Season 3 Rebooted Playset List

Season 3 of the Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu was released in 2014.

From Season 2, Ninjago City was in complete ruins after the Overlord was defeated by Lloyd, . A man named Cyrus Borg appeared in this Season and Ninjago had been rebuilt into a futuristic metropolis, and was now New Ninjago City. Hence, the playsets in this season took on a futuristic look.

Actually, the Overlord survived the final battle in Season 2 and is trapped in the Digiverse as a virus. Cyrus Borg realizes this and gives the Ninja the Techno Blades, which are the keys to destroy the Overlord.

The Overlord captures Lloyd and drains him of most of his Golden Power. However, Lloyd manages to defeat the Overload who is became half-formed in the digital realm. Lloyd restores the four Ninja’s Elemental abilities by splitting his remaining Golden Power among them.

The Overlord sends the Nindroids to space to retrieve the Golden Weapons from the constellation Arcturus. He becomes the Golden Master, fulfilling an old Serpentine prophecy, and wreaks havoc on New Ninjago City. Zane sacrifices himself to destroy the Golden Master. Luckily, he survives and rebuilds himself using titanium.

The playsets in the Season 3 thus features the New Ninjago City, The Overload, Nindroids, Llyod and Zane in Storm Army suits.

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