Ninjago Season 05 Possession

Ninjago Season 5 Possession

In this season, evil ghosts from the Cursed Realm rises. They are led by Morro who is Master Wu’s original pupil and the Master of Wind, whom Master Wu once thought could be the Green Ninja. Morro possesses Lloyd and he seeks the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master. The Ninja has to stop this and the only way is to learn the art of Airjitzu. Morro will curse the Sixteen Realms by releasing his master, the Preeminent.

Master Wu revealed that Nya has the potential as she is the daughter of the Element Master of Water. This is a formidable weapon against the Ghost Warriors. Hence, in this season, Nya seeks to unlock her hidden potential. Together with the Ninja and Llyod, Nya will face the threat from Morro and save Ninjago.

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